A- Hello
B- Hello
A- How do I go to the Briston Hospital?
B-Yes , I do. You have to go straight on and turn left at the traffic lights.
A- Ok
B- You go straight on to the A65.
B- You turn right and go straight on to the traffic light.
B- You turn left and cross the street.
A- Ok, Thanks
B- Bye
A- bye

By Jose Corzo Grazón 2ºA
The Canaries ISlands is a famous holiday destination in Spain, in the south of Spain. It's  easy to got there by ship or by airplane, and in the summer it is the best climate for holidays.

The Canary Islands is a wonderful place to visit. There is a beach, beautiful scenery and many restaurant, shops. In the summer the beach is croweded. The visitors go to the beach, the Teide.  These parts of the Canary Islands we popular to visit the beach.

 A holiday in Cnary Islands can be lively or peaceful. It's the perfect destination for young and old.

By Jose Corzo Garzón 2ºA

My name is Jose Corzo. I'm 13 and I live in salobreña, Spain. Ive got one brother and we live with my parents in my house.
In the summer, it's always hot, perfect weather for swimming in the beach. My family loves swimming usually come with us. I don't swimming fast. I often stop to get some rest. In winter, we go skiing to Sierra Nevada. Football is my favorite sport. I play football better than everyone in my family.
I love being outdoors. I something outdoors almost evry weekend, especially in winter.

By Jose Corzo Garzón 2ºA
CommentNº5: A special programme on TV. Big Brother is a programme tht tries to change teenagers who have a bad behaviour. In these programmes they try that teenagers do not behave so badly and change their attitude. Teenagers usually become better people, so this programme is very important for this.  
Nº6: Have some arguments, but he is the  and a bit of a liar I love help him because he is an important person in my life and he is my brother.  
Nº7: In Real Madrid an Argentinian football player eight leagues. He has got.
Nº8: He won Roland Garros Australian Open, US Open in Spain and he is a very important person for teenagers in Spain and in the world nowadays.
Nº9: I like Formula 1 races because they are fantastic. I don't usually watch the races because it is boring for me. I don't like the car crashes    wish it for anyone. My favourite even if he does not win the best driver in Formula 1 two world titles thirty-two victories a Spanish driver and a reference to the teenagers …
CommentNº1: In Spain and he is a very important person for the teenagers in Spain won the Giro. He also won many stages.  Nº2:Real Madrid is a famous soccer team champion leagues, thirty-three leagues. The best football players in history have played for Real Madrid:   Currently, Real Madrid is not doing very well in the Spanish league and the Cup of Spain, but they can still win the Champions League   the best football team Nº3: Nowadays he plays for Real Madrid, but in the past he played for Totenham I don't think he is the best football player because he has had many injuries Champion Leagues, one League   
Nº4: Iker Casillas is playing now in Porto. He played for Real Madrid for sixteen years he is a bit old and plays worse won one World Cup, two European football championships   He has participated in 4 World Cups and 4 European Championships  the best football goalkeeper
KENNEDYJFK never-seen government documents to be released

 It is a great pity that J.F. Kennedy was killed. The death of Kennedy was not only for the United States. There was no justice because it was not investigated it has now been reopened 
Cities are no longer cars' territory and our biological clock

It is true that you improve the life in the city or town when there are no cars. We haven't got so much noise in the street. Big cities used to have a lot of pollution when the traffic was not restricted in the main streets. Now there is not much pollution in the city centres and that's better.