Cities are no longer cars' territory and our biological clock

It is true that you improve the life in the city or town when there are no cars. We haven't got so much noise in the street. Big cities used to have a lot of pollution when the traffic was not restricted in the main streets. Now there is not much pollution in the city centres and that's better.
The sagas of Harry Potter are fantastic novels, British. It describes the fantastic history of a magician. The completed sagas are eight books.  Harry Potter is the best saga for me.
MAGIC IS IN MADRIDIn 2017/2018. Isco is . He is from Málaga (Spain). He plays for the Spanish national team.    
. Isco is pure magic. He is fantastic. 

CASSINI:I think that Cassini has been very important in the advance of learning more things about the Saturn planet and that thanks to it now we can know more about our galaxy and all the planets. Personally I think there are a lot of people that help to know more about everything that is on Saturn
By Jose Corzo Garzón 2 E.S.O  
MY MENU:Meats:Grilled pork loin: 9,00 Crispy chopped chicken:10,00 Veal burguer with goat:11,00 (Âlpujarreño) course:10,00 (Broken)   eggs with serrano ham:10,00
Individualn courses:
Assorted grilled fish platter:10,00 Fish and seafood casserole:9,00 Grilled squid:11,00 (Migas)   fried fish and peppers:10,00
Fish and seafood:
Clams:11,00 Steamed mussels:10,00 Anchovies:9,00 Squid rings:9,00 Squid endings:9,00 Salobreña octopus:12,00
Mixed homemade paella:11,00/person Black rice with cuttlefish:13,00/person
Spaguetti bolognesa:8,00 Tagliatelle sailor style:10,00

Vegetables mousakka:9,00 Aubergine chips with cane honey:9,00 Creamed vegetables:5,00
House's salad:8,00 Tropical salad:11,00 La Charca salad:9,00 Spinachs salad:9,00
Have snacks:
Piece spanish omelette:4,00 Homeade fries 3 sauces:1'50/unit Homeade chicken craquette:6,00

Fizzy drinks:
Juice:3'50 Coca-cola:4,00 Water:free Wine:6,00
Class rules:
1- Do not get up without permission
2- Do note at in the classroom
3- Get up the hand for speak
4- Do not throw the ball of paper
5- Do not insulting teachers
6- do not fight with nobody
7- Always carry out the task

By Jose Corzo Garzón 1ºE.S.O A